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Chamilo Medium Professional Package
1800 EUR

Payment Type: Annual

Chamilo LMS hosting without limitation of courses or users, installed and configured by Nosolored.
If you need additional customizations or developments (plugins, Android apps and IOS), etc. You can consult us here.

Incluído Nosolored is the official provider of Chamilo LMS
Incluído Hosting 40 Gb, updates and support (20 h).
Incluído SSL Certificate (https) and Bigbluebutton Videoconferencing.
Incluído Backups.
Incluído Control panel hosting with FTP access, DNS, auto-installers Joomla, Moodle, WordPress, Prestashop, etc.)
Incluído Basic graphic customization: replacement of logo and color in one of the standard templates.

Descargar pdf con información sobre aula virtual ChamiloWhat is Chamilo? | Why Chamilo? Platform Features

It includes the customization of the Chamilo Mobile app for IOS (Apple) and Android (Google) systems, which includes customization of the Client's logo and texts as well as the publication in both official stores.

Google Play: Chamilo Mobile in Google Play (Android)
Apple Store: Chamilo Mobile in Apple Store (IOS)
  Register at and you can use the Chamilo LMS Mobile app for free for 7 days.


Pack configuration
Total price:

Domain settings

Installation configuration
Tell us where you installed the software chosen. Example:
  • Site root:
  • Folder:

The service will be performed during Nosolored working hours.

Nosolored will inform the Customer as soon as the installation is completed and send the corresponding access data.

Services not included:
- Installations / modifications of php code, extensions (modules, blocks and / or plugins), templates / themes of software and / or software maintenance.
- Modifications of languages.
- The resolution of errors or warnings of programming php (current and / or future) of the own software or the extensions (modules, blocks, plugins, etc.).

- Any other task other than the installation of the software itself or that is not specified in the service.

Facility guarantee:
Once the installation is completed, the Customer must confirm within 24 hours the conformity with the same by sending an email to If the Client does not send such e-mail, it will be deemed to be the conformity with the services performed.
The installation is performed according to the instructions given by the software developer.

The Client will provide to Nosolored a user / key with Administrator profile to perform the service.
The service will be performed during Nosolored working hours.
All updates to new versions are made with previous copy of files and database of the software. Nosolored will inform Customer as soon as the update is completed.

Warranty of the updates:
Once the update has been made, the Customer must confirm within 24 hours compliance with the update by sending an email to If the Client does not send such e-mail, it will be deemed to be the conformity with the services performed.

In case of nonconformity, the Customer may request the restoration of the previous values ??from the copies made.
The restoration of previous values ??(files and databases) would be done at no cost.

Restore deletes the database and files / directories to return to the previous state. Nosolored does not assume the loss of data entered in the virtual classroom between the time elapsed between the update and the restoration of the same.

Custom graphic template development
The service consists of creating a custom template for the client software version including headers and footers, CSS styles (fonts, tables, colors, etc.) with corporate colors, logos, etc. Provided by the Customer.
The Web template will be developed according to the indications provided by the Client.
The realization period is 10 working days from the moment the Customer has paid the service and provides the necessary information for the design. After this period, the template will be installed in the Client's classroom or, failing that, in a demo, for viewing.
The Customer may suggest modifications to the design if he is not satisfied with the design. The modifications will be carried out without added cost, as long as the request of the same is realized in a maximum term of 10 working days after the realization of the template.

The price includes installation of the template in the virtual classroom of the Client if you wish, for which the Client will provide FTP access data and a user administrator of Chamilo.

Technical support on Chamilo virtual classroom
Support tasks related to the management of the Chamilo virtual classroom will be carried out at administrator / teacher level.

Included services
- Technical support on the use of the system and its functionalities, including all doubts and queries related to the management of Chamilo.
- Information about critical application updates

The Client must make all the consultations by email to or ticket ( The answer to them will be given in a term not exceeding 24 hours (except holidays). Consultations sent on weekends will be answered the following Monday. It is recommended to send a query for each e-mail sent to expedite the management. Failure to do so may delay the response.
The Client will provide an Administrator user (name and password) of the Chamilo installation identified with a url, example during the time the services are contracted. If this access data is modified, it must be communicated to Nosolored at The support will only be made for stable versions of the Chamilo virtual classroom provided they have not been modified by the Client or third parties.

In each query, Nosolored will seek the best possible resolution, however, the response to a query does not guarantee that a solution can be found to the problem posed by the Client, since it will depend on the problem itself, the characteristics of the hosting server and Chamilo's own limitations, which as free-code software licensed GPL may have.

There is no limitation on the number of inquiries during the contracted time. Nosolored will have a detailed control of the time used to answer each query. When answering each query will be sent to the Client detail of the time spent in this one, as well as the remaining time on the total contracted. The contracted support hours do not have an expiration date.

Services not included
- Telephone support.
- Modifications of Chamilo PHP code.
- Modifications of template or theme of Chamilo. From one version to another it is usual to insert new CSS styles and additional functionalities that may not be compatible with the current Chamilo template installed in the virtual classroom.
- The installation, updating and / or modification of extensions (modules and / or blocks) of third parties (non-standard Chamilo and therefore not present in the stable version) that are in the virtual classroom at the time of the update.
- The resolution of errors or warnings of programming Php of the own software Chamilo or of the modules and / or blocks installed before or after the update of the virtual classroom.
- Support for configuring, installing or operating any non-standard Chamilo module or block.
- Repairs of installations and / or updates made by the Client or by third parties in the virtual classroom object of this service.
- Any maintenance of the virtual classroom (insertion of contents, users ...) not expressly indicated in the contracting conditions.

Software warranty:
The software is open source (free code) with GPL license. You can consult this license at the following address:

Chamilo is a virtual classroom software with GPL license.
It is advisable to follow a continuous policy of updates to new versions to guarantee the repair of possible programming / operating errors.

Nosolored is official provider of Chamilo LMS

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