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Chamilo is a web platform for creating online courses. Currently used by more than 9 million users for its power and simplicity. NosoloRed is official supplier Chamilo.

 Campus LMS is a Course Management System Open Source, widely used internationally because of its adaptability to different environments and a wide variety of tools and training resources.

Domains not have its own control panel to manage, as it is done NosoloRed SL (reseller CDmon).
If you hire hosting NosoloRed hosting DNS management available in the Web hosting.

Debian servers with firewall, antivirus and anti-spam. Daily backups with free installation of Joomla, Moodle, Wordpress and / or Chamilo, etc. The multidomain hosting allow host to many sites and domains as you need.

Joomla Web Content Manager. Lets you create webpages self-administrable and with full functionality thanks to the more than 10,000 extensions in the world.

PrestaShop es un software de comercio electrónico que ha revolucionado la industria al proporcionar funcionalidades que atraen compradores y aumentan las ventas en línea

WordPress is a content management system or CMS focused on blogging (regularly updated websites). It has been developed for environments running PHP MySQL and Apache, under GPL and modifying code.

SSL certificates (https://)

If you need a budget before you hire our add the products you are interested to cart services. Then select the option to generate budget rather than confirm the process. You can download in PDF format in the same process.
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