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Create your own virtual classroom with Chamilo in hosting with SSD and PHP 7. We are official suppliers. From 60€/year without limit of users and courses

Hosting Chamilo - Alojamiento web de aulas virtuales Chamilo - Nosolored Proveedor Oficial ChamiloChamilo LMS is ideal for any teacher who wants to get their students to the training in the simplest way and without having to invest excessive time and resources
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Flexible course management system that provides simplicity of learning and use for teachers and students with more than 20 pedagogical tools.

Download Chamilo 1.11

If you need additional customizations or developments (plugins, Android apps and IOS), etc. You can consult us here.

Register at and you can use the App Chamilo LMS Mobile for free for 7 days.
Google Play: Chamilo Mobile en Google Play (Android)
Apple Store: Chamilo Mobile en Apple Store (IOS)


Hosting 1
Espacio SSD3 GB
Tráfico mensual30 GB
Max. dominios1
Certificado SSL
(Let's Encrypt)
E-mail, FTP, BBDD
Precio anual65 €
Precio anual$80.665 USD
Hosting 2
Espacio SSD5 GB
Tráfico mensual50 GB
Max. dominios2
Certificado SSL
(Let's Encrypt)
E-mail, FTP, BBDD
Precio anual93 €
Precio anual$115.413 USD
Hosting 3
Espacio SSD10 GB
Tráfico mensual100 GB
Max. dominios3
Certificado SSL
(Let's Encrypt)
E-mail, FTP, BBDD
Precio anual165 €
Precio anual$204.765 USD
Hosting 4
Espacio SSD15 GB
Tráfico mensual150 GB
Max. dominios4
Certificado SSL
(Let's Encrypt)
E-mail, FTP, BBDD
Precio anual309 €
Precio anual$383.469 USD
Hosting 5
Espacio SSD30 GB
Tráfico mensual300 GB
Max. dominios10
Certificado SSL
(Let's Encrypt)
E-mail, FTP, BBDD
Precio anual777 €
Precio anual$964.257 USD
Hosting 6
Espacio SSD50 GB
Tráfico mensual400 GB
Max. dominios12
Certificado SSL
(Let's Encrypt)
E-mail, FTP, BBDD
Precio anual880 €
Precio anual$1092.08 USD
  • What should I know about Hosting?
  • FAQ - (Frequently Asked Questions)
  • Applications

 Hosting with High Speed SSDs.

 Servers optimized for installation in a click:
 WordPressAula LMS JoomlaPrestaShopphpBBDrupalGalleryMagento y DokuWiki

 Anti-hacking protection with special rules for Chamilo, Aula LMS, WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, etc.

 Elearning platform Chamilo unlimited users or courses.

Gigabit connection with IPv4 / IPv6

 Hosting on Debian Linux servers with Apache and PHP.

 Scalable web hosting.

Our hosting plans are adapted to your project. You can add resources or migrate to a higher plan with ease.

Available in packs with additional services:

Elearning platform Chamilo Packs(click here). - Elearning platform LMS Pack(click here) - Joomla Pack (click here) - WordPress Pack (click here).

 A domain or subdomain is required to activate the hosting?
To enable Web hosting a domain or subdomain is required. It is the name used to activate Web services, mail, FTP, statistics, etc.
You can register the domain with NoSoloRed or use one you already have registered or create a subdomain on your provider and point to one of our hosting.

 Do MySql databases have any restrictions?
Have no limited disk space, the space of databases is not added to the hosting.

 Do you have firewalls in hosting?
All hosting have installed Mod Security and Fail2ban for greater security.
Domains / subdomains are isolated (isolation) each other with their own separate user and group. This way you do not need full permissions to 0777 to 0666 directories or files.

Do you offer Web mail, POP and IMAP and antivirus and antispam systems?
All mail accounts are enabled by default with POP / IMAP and ClamAV (antivirus) and SpamAssassin (spam prevention).

 Do you do backups?
Daily automatic backups of databases are made

Full copies weekends on separate hard drives incremental backups are performed for 30 days (on external servers) and. Incremental copies are made of the Webs files (do not include copies of emails).

Backups do not take up space on your hosting.

 Is the service is disabled or if space is exceeded monthly transfer?
No. Although exceeds the space or monthly transfer service is not disabled and no message will be displayed on your Web. You will receive an automatic email indicating overcoming space or monthly transfer, you can make timely payment of excess or expand the space or monthly transfer in a timely manner or hire the top level making a apportionment calculation.

 Where are the servers?
In the Data Center or Terremark Data Center of Madrid (Spain) Premium suppliers connected to direct traffic with Google and Gigabit connections.

 What other features does your hosting?

Specialized and secure servers for Joomla, Aula LMS, Wordpress and Chamilo.

Safe mode and display errors: OFF, Mod_rewrite: ON (SEO/SEF). 

File Uploads: ON and Magic Quotes: ON/OFF

Register globals and RG_emulation: OFF, Soporte Zlib, XML and Curl enabled.

Php, MySQL, PhpMyAdmin and Apache server.

Mod Security, Zend Engine and Ioncube.

Memory Limit PHP 512 MB and Upload 100 Mb

Libs Gd, OpCache and Zip enabled

Instalación gratuita de aula virtual Chamilo - Nosolored proveedor oficial Chamilo Elearning platform Chamilo:
NoSoloRed is Official Provider Chamilo.
Chamilo is a free software solution used by over 10 million users, licensed under the GNU / GPLv3, management E-learning or e-learning, developed with the aim of improving access to education and knowledge globally. It is supported by the Chamilo Association (association non-profit), which aims to promote educational software, maintaining a channel of clear communication and building a network of service providers and contributors to the software.

The Chamilo project aims to ensure the availability and quality of education at reduced through the free and open distribution of its software cost, adapting its interface devices Third World countries and providing a campus e-learning free access.

Joomla is a content management system (CMS) that allows you to develop dynamic and interactive websites. Create, modify or delete the content of a website easily through a Panel of Directors. It is an open source software, developed in PHP and released under the GPL.

Elearning platform LMS:
Elearning platform LMS is a web application type Educational Virtual Environment, a management system courses free distribution, which helps educators create online learning communities. This type of technology platforms is also known as LCMS (Learning Content Management System).

WordPress is a content management system or CMS focused on creating blogs (regularly updated websites). It has been developed in PHP and MySQL environments running Apache, under GPL and modifiable code. It is the most popular of the blogosphere CMS and the most popular with regard to any other CMS of general application. The causes of its enormous growth are, among others, license, its ease of use and features as content manager.

Incluído Free installation of elearning platform Chamilo 1.9 to 1.10 unlimited users or courses.

Incluído Additional Service Pack (domain + hosting + installation + upgrades to new versions for 1 year):

* Prices do not include 21% (applicable in Spain)
Payment methods
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