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Registration and transfer of .com, .net, .org, among others, include free Private Whois domain. Buy, register and transfer domains with NoSoloRed.
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Extension1 year2 years3 years4 years5 years6 years7 years8 years9 years10 years
Dominios .com14.00 €27.44 €40.74 €53.76 €66.50 €78.96 €91.14 €103.04 €114.66 €126.00 €
Dominios .es14.00 €27.44 €40.74 €53.76 €66.50 €78.96 €91.14 €103.04 €114.66 €126.00 €
Dominios .net14.00 €27.44 €40.74 €53.76 €66.50 €78.96 €91.14 €103.04 €114.66 €126.00 €
Dominios .org14.00 €27.44 €40.74 €53.76 €66.50 €78.96 €91.14 €103.04 €114.66 €126.00 €
Dominios .info22.00 €43.12 €64.02 €84.48 €104.50 €124.08 €143.22 €161.92 €180.18 €198.00 €
Dominios .eu14.00 €27.44 €40.74 €53.76 €66.50 €78.96 €91.14 €103.04 €114.66 €126.00 €

Generic domains (gTLD): it is the best known extensions. No restrictions. You can register any of them to find free with complete autonomy.

Domains .com y .net
Domains .info
Domains .org
Domains .biz
Domains .name

Domains .cat:
They are limited to sites that have at least some content in Catalan.

Domains .mobi:
They must have a content that is accessible from a mobile phone.

Regional domains (ccTLD):
They are domains that identify the region from which comes the web. They usually have restrictions linguistic or regional type:

.es domains: are ideal for sites with content in Spanish. Seekers as recognized and users.
.eu Domains: are the European identity. They are ideal for the foreign market strategy.

Your domain is your online identity. Easily find the domain you searched by typing in the search box and press search.

Are official domain registrars?
No. The domains are registered through registrar agent CDmon is. At any time you can make an internal transfer (free of charge) and manage your domain independently.

By the time CDmon no external API to provide functionality Resellers use by another panel of your domain.

If the domain is hosted on NoSoloRed the control panel hosting provides DNS management, redirects, etc.

Domain registration
The domain name of the applicant, institution or company specified in the order is always recorded. The administrative contact is assigned to the person to tell us in the order.

Auth Code, EPP code or domain security
All domains are registered and are blocked by security. At any time you can request AuthCode or authorization code to make the change of registrar or make an internal transfer to CDmon to manage the domain directly.

Private WhoisWith free private Whois service you can hide personal data associated with your domain (not available on all extensions).

In Nosolored you will enjoy discounts when buying or renewing a domain for more than 1 year periods.

* Prices do not include 21% (applicable in Spain)
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