Chamilo LMS updates flat rate Query/Suggestion

Chamilo LMS updates flat rate
600 EUR ($0,00 USD)

Payment Type: Annual

The rate includes unlimited upgrades for 1 year between stable Chamilo versions as they are released. It is only valid for the installation identified by its Web address, example

No support is included on Chamilo or php code modifications or in the web template used.

The Client will provide to Nosolored a user / key with Administrator profile to perform the service.
The service will be performed during working hours of Nosolored (Monday to Thursday from 9 to 14/16 to 19 and Friday from 8 to 15 hours).
All updates to new versions are made with previous copy of files and database of the software. Nosolored will inform the Customer how long the upgrade will be completed.

Services not included:
- Support on new features incorporated by the update.
- Installations / modifications of php code, languages, extensions (modules, blocks and / or plugins), templates / themes of software and / or software maintenance.
- The resolution of errors or warnings of programming php (current and / or future) of the own software or the extensions (modules, blocks, plugins, etc.).
- The repairs of installations and / or updates made by the Client or by third parties in the installation of the classroom object of this service by Nosolored SL.
- Any other task other than the software update itself or not included in the service.

Once the update has been made, the Customer must confirm within 24 hours compliance with the update by sending an email to If the Client does not send such e-mail, it will be deemed to be the conformity with the services performed. In case of restoration of the previous values (files and databases) would be realized without cost some from the previously realized copies.

Remember that the restore erases the database and the files / directories to return to the previous state. Nosolored does not assume the loss of data entered in the virtual classroom between the time elapsed between the update and the restoration of the same.

Software Warranty:
The open source software (free code) with GPL license. You can consult this license at the following addresses:

Additional Information:
The Client authorizes the copy of files and database of the virtual classroom with the sole purpose of making backup copies. Nosolored SL will not access the personal data included in these files or their contents.
Nosolored respects your privacy and protects your personal data.

Rate valid only for Nosolored SL hosting. Consult us for other servers, VPS or hostings.

* Prices do not include 21% (applicable in Spain)
Payment methods
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