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Technical support in writing
70 EUR

Payment Type: Unique

In our technical support service we can perform different tasks on your website, such as:

Analysis of your web, modifications of configurations, cache, performance etc.
Troubleshooting malware security and cleaning (malicious files).
Website optimization.
Installation of extensions: modules, plugins, templates, languages.
Management of server permissions.
Insertion of Content and help in the management of your Web (texts, images, etc.).
Web design.
Installation of templates
Photo treatment and retouching.

Operation Service Technical Support:

Payment of the time support service is made. We send an email to with the following information:

To-do list on your site in order of priority.
Access your server's ftp (host, username and password).
Access to the administration of your web (/ administrator) with Super Administrator profile (user and password).

The tasks are carried out according to the indicated priority and if the number of hours contracted is running out we will give you advance notice.

Once the support time is finished, a report is sent with the tasks that have been performed and the time spent in each one of them.

The hours support service has an expiration of 1 year from the time of recruitment.


Support tasks related to web management will be carried out:

Technical support on the use of the system and its functionalities, including all the doubts and queries related to the management of the web.

Critical Application Update Information

The client must make all the consultations by email to or ticket (

The answer to them will be given in a term not exceeding 24 hours (except holidays). Consultations sent on weekends will be answered the following Monday. It is recommended to send a query for each e-mail sent to expedite the management. Failure to do so may delay the response.

The Client will provide an Administrator user (name and password) of the Joomla installation identified with a url, example during the time the services are contracted. If this access data is modified, you must notify NoSoloRed to the email

Support will only be made for stable versions of the Joomla content manager. There is no limitation on the number of inquiries during the contracted time. Nosolored will have a detailed control of the time used to answer each query. When answering each query will be sent to the Client detail of the time spent in this one, as well as the remaining time on the total contracted.

Hours of support contracted expire one year after hiring.


Phone support

Modifications of PHP code unless expressly stated by Nosolored.

Modifications of template (template or theme). Between one version and another it is usual to insert new CSS styles and additional functionalities that may be incompatible with the current template of your web installed in the content manager. Ask us in advance.

The resolution of errors or warnings of programming Php of the own software or of the modules and / or blocks installed before or after the update of the content manager unless they can be repaired by an update to a higher version.

Support on configuration, installation or operation of any non-standard extension.

Repairs of installations and / or updates made by the Client or by third parties in the content manager object of this service.

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Technical support in writing
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Technical support in writing

Technical support in writing

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